Introducing The Waymans Fleet

Haulage Transport

Our Trucks

Our trucks regularly transport grain, salt, potatoes and pallets to name a few. Waymans can transport any type of heavy goods.
We have a range of tankers, taut liners, grain carriers and curtain side trucks.

Haulage Transport

Our haulage transport fleet consists of mainly twelve DAF trucks and Six Scania Trucks, which we update regularly.

The Scania’s are regularly shown at various shows and have received commendations at such events as Truckfest.

We also have 3 Renault trucks.

All of our tractor units have names with a nautical theme due to the site’s close proximity to the Wash and the River Nene. The exceptions being the 50th and 60th Anniversary units.

We operate twenty-eight 45ft Curtain side trailers ranging in height from 4.2m to 4.9m high. These are used to transport a wide range of goods.

Where we’re located in East Anglia, we haul a huge quantity of potatoes, both in 1-ton boxes and bagged on pallets. We also distribute a range of other palletized products including gardening products, minerals, building materials and salt.

Our six Bulk Tippers are used for the haulage of Sugar Beet, which is cleaned and loaded by our own specialist machinery.

The five Tipping Tankers are used solely for the haulage of salt, for which we are TASCC registered. We have updated our trailer livery to a more modern style, which can be seen on some of the photographs on this site.

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